Thursday, March 29, 2012

A request from the Laundry Fairy....

Dear Hubby:

As with many things in our day-to-day life, laundry has stages. It has phases. It is not complete until all the phases are done. Let's explore this together, shall we?

1) Dirty clothes get sorted
2) Dirty clothes of like types get put into the washer 

3) Detergent is added
4) The washer gets started
5) The now-clean clothes get moved to the dryer 

6) Dryer gets started
7) Clean clothes are removed from the dryer
8) Clean clothes are folded
9) Clean clothes are put away

I'm feeling generous.  Let's codify #9.  You put away your own clothes, I'll put away my clothes and BabyBoy's clothes, I have a "system" when it comes to his stuff, constantly cycling out outgrown and in new things that were bought on sale and off-season.  It's not reasonable for me to expect you to understand that system.  

What is not optional:
Number 5: If the clean clothes do not get moved to the dryer, followed by #6, then the clothes get stinky and mildewy and we have to start this all over. Do not skimp on #5.

The continued complete breakdown of #7 and #8: You cannot say you "did the laundry" if you remove the clean clothes and throw them on the floor in a pile. Got it? That is not "DOING THE LAUNDRY". That may be washing the clothes, or putting them in the dryer, but a pile on the floor is more work for me. Don't do that.

The Laundry, Dirty Dishes, Run the Dishwasher, Take the Garbage out, Cook the Food, Clean the Kitchen, Empty the Diaper Genie Fairy 


  1. Well, I cannot help but wonder if he read this as well.

    1. Based on the current pile of clean clothes on the floor, no.

      We actually talked about what topics might feel "off-limits" and if he wanted to read this blog before I started writing it. He said it's pretty much up to my discretion on topics, and that he understands I need a place to share thoughts, vent, whine, etc. and said he's ok with NOT reading it.