Monday, October 29, 2012

Laundry opinion poll

Let's pretend you're doing laundry, which is to say you are sometimes washing dirty clothes, and sometimes drying wet clothes, which you then THROW ON THE FLOOR IN A PILE, mostly because you want to see if your spouses threat of having her "head explode if you don't stop throwing the clean fucking clothes on a pile in the floor" is actually true.

Ok, so, yeah. Doing laundry. And you're folding some laundry because it gives you an excuse to avoid coming upstairs and engaging with the little person who is screaming "BEANS PWEEEEEEEEASE!" at the top of his lungs and kicking the wall while sobbing his angry sobs.

Right. Folding laundry. Then you come across a sock that has no pair. Do you set the sock aside so you have a shot of making a pair when the next load comes out of the dryer? Or throw the now clean sock back into the dirty clothes hamper?

It never ends. Tomorrow is Remicade infusion day and I'm looking forward to it. Not because of the relief that Remicade brings for a few weeks to the arthritis symptoms, but because of the lovely, drugged sleep the IV Benadryl, which keeps my blood pressure from spiking and blowing a hole out my eyeball during the treatment, brings.

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