Sunday, December 23, 2012

What the hell?

I think I've figured out why the hubby left the permanent birth controlling to me. He has balls the size of coconuts, and damaging them would be like spitting on a national treasure.

4 days ago, I had a tubal ligation and endometrial ablation. Short story, standard laparoscopic incisions and recovery pain, plus equivalent of a second degree burn covering the entirety of the inside of my uterus. Add in a compromised immune system and a two year old who doesn't get why mama is moving slowly, can't pick him up, won't get on the floor to play and keeps saying "be careful!" during schnoooo-goooo (snuggle) time, and you've got a recipe for slow recuperation.

Last night, hubby was bitching about how much work it is to take care of our son, and how we should cancel Christmas, since he hasn't done any shopping. He suggested I take care of the boy while he made a last ditch assault on the mall. I countered that he should call our sitter to come over while he shops.

Time passes, he makes no call, and I suggest again. Excuses and procrastination, so I call the sitter and arrange a time. I purposefully completed my Christmas shopping and gift wrapping in advance of surgery, so I opted to take advantage of help and I laid down to rest while baby boy napped, sitter watched tv and daddy shopped.

Hubby came home, baby boy woke up, and I made my way upstairs. Then hubby informs me since I "wouldn't take care of the boy, I needed to pay the sitter." 1) I CAN'T take care of our son fully right now. I had SURGERY and have restrictions 2) I had to PAY someone to take care of our son, so he could go shopping and complain about how much trouble Christmas is for him?

Balls the size of coconuts. A man possessing normal sized balls would not have the chutzpah to charge me for recuperation time.

Bah fucking humbug.
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  1. Sounds like you do have a second child after all. Me too, Tanya (a third, though, in my case), me too.

  2. Oh my fucking god! Seriously! Not only are they the size of coconuts, but brass ones too...although it sounds like he has too much in the basement and not enough in the attic

  3. I agree with roguereader. Unbelievable.