Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Success with Honor"

I am appaled and physically sickened as this story of Jerry Sandusky unfolds.  I just read the grand jury report and along with complete disgust, I am MAD.  At least two janitors knew. At least one assistant coach knew. The athletic director and the school vice president knew. The school president knew. Paterno knew.  And yet, they protected the precious sanctity of a winning record rather than refuse to back down in defense of these boys.

Firing Paterno is not enough.  Firing the President of the school is not enough.  It's not about FOOTBALL, but a more fitting punishment for allowing this sort of behaviour to continue for YEARS would be to suspend Penn State from Division 1 Football.  Fuck the legacy, fuck the record, there are no wins in the win column that make at least 8 young lives that were irrevocably changed an ok price to pay.

And fuck the 1700 students rioting in the streets, saying Paterno deserves to coach one last home game.  1 in 3 girls is sexually abused before the age of 18.  1 in 6 boys is sexually abused before the age of 18.  In a crowd of 1700, look around.  Statistically over 400 people in that crowd were abused in some way.  If you want to stand up for something, stand up to end the henious abuse of children, the destruction of innocence, and the lasting negative impact on their lives.  Several of the reported victims are college age now.  I wonder how those boys feel, seeing their peers rally around an individual that allowed that abuse to happen and did nothing to stop it.  What must it feel like to know that piviotal moment in their lives is deemed less valuable than allowing a man who touts the school motto ("Success with Honor") as his personal creedo who did NOTHING to save them the diginity of coaching "one last game."

The news has been covering this non-stop.  Hearing stories where Joe Paterno is lionized as a coach who cares, one who was always hounding students to keep their grades up, and hounding professors to get the straight scoop on those grades, as a man who was known for following up on things.  How can that be the same person that allowed a shower rape to be swept under the rug of the bueracratic chain?  Did winning at football really mean that much to him? How does this man look himself in the eyes in the morning when he looks in the mirror?  There is no success that warrants that lack of honor in my mind.

My heart goes out to the victims.  And my rage is firmly directed all the way up the chain.  Shame on every one of you adults who knew what was happening and did nothing to stop it.  Shame on a coach who allowed it to be swept under the rug.  Shame on the administration who continued the trend and then lied about it.  Enjoy your football record, assholes.  The legacy of Penn State will not be a win/loss record.  It will be of a vile cesspool that allowed a reprobate to target victims, then use university facilities for his atrocities.

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  1. This story infuriates me too. If he truly were the coach that cared he would have forced the issue and used his clout with the board and the media to shed light on this and get that man away from children.

    Then again my own mother sold me under the same bus for far less. People suck.